Outside The Resort

Experiencing life outside the resort.


canyonsrcool-ArubaMy love for travel, geography, maps and the outdoors started when I was young going on family trips around the state of Utah and the western US.  The summer after high school graduation I spent working in Southern Utah for the road crew and hanging out (literally – on a rope) in Zion National Park.  Then at age 19 I learned Spanish and went to live in Honduras for 2 years as a representative for my church.  Needless to say that experience was very . . educational and I loved it.  After I returned to Utah at age 21, I got married and went to college (in that order) and found that I could actually get a degree in something I loved – Geography.  Geography encompassed my life up to that point and has continued to do so since.

Simply put, Geography is concerned with the “why of where”.  Why is this group of people on this island and as opposed to another island?  Why does this island have a volcano and the next one does not?  I am lucky enough to have a job that has allowed me to travel throughout the Caribbean, Central America, and soon to be South America to make maps of these areas.  So not only have I been to these places, but I have almost literally driven every road through the good, the bad, and the ugly. The term “outside the resort” always came to my mind as I would see these places because I kept wondering if any “tourist” that came here actually knew what life was like outside their resort? And not only what life was like, but what could someone do to experience that location more fully and not be tied down to one location?  I’m happy to share my experiences and hope to help others broaden their experience – yes, outside the resort.


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